Expodium in collaboration with The Nest (Kenya), initiate a research trajectory that seeks to explore the complexities and relational prospects of the multiple narratives that constitute Nairobi as
a. a diplomatic city where expatriates construct and feed a new economy,
b. an establishment for the middle class, embracing modernity and striving for social justice, seeking means of understanding, intergrading and shaping this new world, and
c. a multi-tribal constitution with an unstable history and an ecosystem of a labor class with limited agency.

Expodium will visit Nairobi and The Nest at the beginning of May to embarck collectively on a 10 day research looking at the spatial effects those narratives impose to the city.

Currently running it’s ‘Golden Age’ in regards to urban planning, Nairobi ‘designs’ its future in the norms of the globalized economy (enhancement of the foreign investors community, base of International Banks) and in the dream of the modernization of the nation striving to access a western lifestyle.

Implementing NIGHTWALKERS and utilizing The Nest’s already existing platforms, we will be focusing on what connects and what separates different parts of the city and additionally work towards a collection of stories and singular narratives that combined, give a strong representation on how Nairobi envisions its future. Those voices of course are set to come from various and sometimes oppositional sources. It is our intention to treat them with the same attention.

The start of this trajectory is generally supported by HIVOS.

The fundament for Cooperation Cartesius
We build society together

Expodium and Autobahn proudly present their proposal/plan for the Vlampijpzone OPEN CALL, in the broader context of the development vision of the Werkspoorkwartier
C3L is a concrete proposition from both partners after a two year period of their involvement in Cartesius zone.

Cartesius Lounge1 - LAB2 - Lodge3 [ C3L ] , is a quirky mix of knowledge , urban think tank , neighborhood house , canteen and hotel . A physical playground to test the applicability in the field of artistic research insights, where an interesting interplay between research and implementation occurs.
The aim is to develop a knowledge hub for physical meetings between local, national and international guests who engage in artistic research on urban transformation areas.

The scale of the Cartesius area, located centrally in the Utrecht region, increases the likelihood that multifarious initiatives strengthen one and other in the development and research process through A cooperative franchise structure. We are gonna build this new identity together!
C3L is a blistering test case of DIY democracy; the place that offers what Utrecht lacks of so far. With C3L, Utrecht takes an extra step in the direction of the international knowledge and cultural city it wants to be. But most importantly, this is not only a testing ground for horizontal urban Utrecht, but for the whole of the Netherlands as well.

Through a cultural program ( place-making ) with place -specific interventions , exhibitions , " a living archive " , film screenings , workshops , bootcamps and participation in local cultural events (e.g.. Day of Architecture , Cultural Sunday , Open Flame Pipe Zone) C3L will generate cumulative knowledge about the specific circumstances and challenges of the area . We seek simultaneously for the new role and relationship of actors in urban development.

While we confidently wait for the result of the OPEN CALL, we encourage you to check the full proposal (in Dutch) bellow.

Find more about Cartesius and our activities in the area here


NIGHTWALKERS_VOICEOVER was an intuitive urban experiment in the form of a stroll at and around Coolsingel, Rotterdam. The event was commissioned by Laurie Cluitmans for Sculpture International Rotterdam as part of the TRIBUTE TO AN AVENUE.
Photos by Aad Hoogendoorn

NIGHTWALKERS_VOICEOVER was a psychogeographic performance in the form of an evening stroll - an unsolicited tour assembled by multiple narratives, each relating to different aspects of the experience of urban life and the myth of the city. The tour entailed a script, a soundtrack and a voiceover, carried through a series of acts performed instinctively by the participants against the backdrop of the Coolsingel.

Expodium would like to thank LUCHTSINGEL for providing access to the roofgarden at Schieblock.

Click HERE for the visual documentation of the event.


As you might know 2013 was a year of transitions for us: no longer could we count on structural financial support. During last year we succesfully explored various ways of working as a collective; either developing a workshop for an educational institution, being commissioned for a series of events by a musuem, parttaking in a bottum-up city development program or producing new work in the form of a soft data collection set for a festival. Luc Janssens left us after years of great work. Friso Wiersum joins us full time now.
Thus, Expodium now is a collective of three [Nikos Doulos, Friso Wiersum, Bart Witte]. As ever, we are dedicated to researching the city in all possible ways.

Check bellow our customized abecedarium that best describes who we are and what we do and click HERE to view our first newsletter for 2014!


To begin with, if Monument Unrealized was indeed a ‘verbal tango’ workshop, there was definitely an invitation, a soundtrack to be stimulated by, geography to be practiced upon and various stages to be performed. There were rules and guides, a space for plenty of free-styling and some extraordinary spins and twists from the participants’ side.
In a nutshell, what this publication does, is offer a solid stage for five dance solos on paper that seek for partners; A ‘paper tango’ if you like.
Those narratives negotiate their impact (and therefore their monumental qualities) on public space and public sphere by addressing collective feelings, hypothesizing and devising imaginary scenarios. They are stories that suggest a new reading to a place, implement schemes and physical structures to impregnate it and search for their relevance on a meta-level.

MU's goal was to highlight artistic doing not only as a matter of form and materiality, but also as a concept driven process followed by contextualization and research in the city itself.

Click here to visit the MONUMENT UNREALIZED blog.

31.10 - 3.11.2013

"The Capitalist Metabolism Tour is a unique chance to move beyond a passive interpretation of our surroundings to one of mindful observation. A chance to make ourselves aware of the (drastic) differences between the partite conduits of a city that together forms the heart of the Dutch economy."
Kimberly Waldbillig

Capitalist Intelligence Unit (CIU): Utrecht Metabolism is a research into data.
CIU as an operation is exactly what cookies do on Internet. They stereotype you, put labels on you, and thus make your data set more and more accurate.
Accurate data sets are worth money.
But as with capitalist systems online, you also leave traces in real time. In the shop where you do buy your groceries, in the street where somebody saw you, in the neighborhood you are living, even by reading the books you read.
For the headquarters of CIU, we determined four archetypical Utrecht inhabitants. The Mentality model of Motivaction helped us determine which ones.
We gave them different names : Timothy (an expat ICT manager), Sandra (co-owner of an organic bakery), Bertus (director of a recycling company) and Nouchra (parttime cleaning lady) and did quite some internet research to find befitting neighbourhoods and print the out as a cartographic basis to our research.
We collected beforehand some hard data: financial matters mostly and we all (Expodium and the visitors) moved over (on BIKES) to each neighborhood to collect soft data: what do the streets look like? do people close their curtains? Whatever strikes them.
Back in the headquarters we invited the participants to place the collections of soft data on the map.

Our aim was to stimulate the visitor’s thinking on what is their role in the metabolic system, capitalism, even capitalism at local city level, is.
We offered no conclusions. But we did offer real numbers, real statistics, and an extensive participatory research in the streets of Utrecht.

Click here for the visual documentation of the project.

Click here for the review of the project by Kimberly Waldbillig

The Utrecht Metabolism Tours were realized for IMPAKT 2013: Capitalism Catch-22 upon invitation by Monnik

Nightwalkers Springdance  

Nightwalkers Umea  

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Nightwalkers - Voiceover (Rotterdam  

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