Bart Witte


Concept development, commissions, corporate businesses, production coordination.
Bart Witte deals with the international network, commissions and all the involved projects and developed systems to research specific local situations. Next to this he is experienced in technically realizing big artistic projects.
As Conservator of the Cartesius Museum, Bart is responsible for the artistic interventions in the long term revitalization trajectory that is rolled out over this former inner-city industrial area.

Nikos Doulos


Creative concept development, artistic production coordination, NIGHTWALKERS.
Nikos Doulos holds an MA in fine art (MFA) from the Dutch Art Institute (The Netherlands). His artistic practice can be described as a social engaged and research based, with a focus on urban transition areas. Within Expodium, Doulos focuses mainly on the initiation and coordination of projects, the creation of artists' networks, as well as the development of systems and practices of artistic research.

Friso Wiersum


Concept development, social-political contextualisation, moderating, fundraising.
Friso's fields of interest include political geography, bottom up developments, urban farming and photography. As a historian and cultural connector Wiersum also works as project leader 'Arts in Conflict' for the Treaty of Utrecht foundation.
Within the Expodium collective he is responsible for embedding our practices in international developments, fundraising and moderating events.

Bram van Oijen
Dennis Ewald
Luc Janssens

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