Unmaking The Netherlands (UTN) is a metaphorical theme park initiated and carried by Expodium. It consists of three main attractions: Play, Urban Cannibalism and The Walking Culture.
Those attractions will take form through monthly public lectures, exclusive prep sessions with HKU Fine Art students, an artists-in-residency, public space interventions, screenings, special events and exhibitions.
Urban experts, artists and HKU Fine Art students are called upon to work with Expodium and shape the framework of this theme park.
During 2015 Expodium will be researching the un-making of the Netherlands, by exploring and intervening in scenarios in Utrecht's Werkspoorkwartier. UTN is an imaginary zone layered on top of the Werkspoorkwartier in Utrecht and feeds the region with ideas and speculative visions on its future! It is also a website that works as a Living Archive keeping track of all the program and it's outcomes, leading to a publication in spring 2016
This way, everybody can build a themepark in their own city.