01.2011 - 06.2013

In early 2011 and while gentrification forces had already been implemented in the top-down planning of the future of the area, Expodium realized locatie:KANALENEILAND, a long term project aiming to broaden insights in the role art can play in the Kanaleneiland area and its development.

locatie:KANALENEILAND’s physical space was located in an apartment at the Auriollaan and was set to function as a roof for a series of activities organized by invited artists, neighborhood initiatives and organizations. The apartment was part of a block of eight flats that is set to be demolished in order to make way for new buildings.
By putting the apartment at the Auriollaan into use, Expodium commenced a project that constituted itself as a creative agent and critical voice within gentrification processes carried out in the area. locatie:KANALENEILAND is set to run at least till summer 2013.

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